Camping Delight At Nagsasa Cove

I was inspired by the breathtaking view totally different from the usual beaches when I watched the film “And I Love You So” by Bea Alonso and Derek Ramsay back in 2009.  There was one particular shot where they both went camping and I was mesmerized by the picturesque view of the mountains and the color of the sand.  I made some research   over the internet and I first came across with Anawangin Cove.  I have read reviews that this Cove can get overcrowded usually during summer and there were a few recommendation that Nagsasa Cove was even better but a bit farther. I’ve searched for some DIY Tips and was glad to have found some helpful blogs.  We took the Bus from Cubao to Sta Cruz.  I think it was a Victory Liner Bus and asked the driver to drop us off San Antonio.  We then rode a tricycle towards Pundaquit for the drop-off.  I have made prior arrangements for a boat to take us to Nagsasa Cove.  Mineral water, tent and a guide was also provided to us when we took off.  The boat trip took about an hour or so to reach Nagsasa Cove.  When we arrived,  the view was totally perfect. It was the same as you can see on the pictures but even better.  It was what I have imagined it to be!


Nagsasa Cove Upon Arrival

We got ourselves settled in, got our stuff from the boat and set up the tent.  There were roughly a few campers onsite.  I get to immerse myself on the beauty of this hidden cove.  So far away from the noise of city life.  There was no signal as well as no electricity.  The only sound you can hear is the waves of the ocean and hustle of the wind blowing.


Nagsasa Cove Camping Site


Nagsasa Cove


Nagsasa Cove Beach Sand

An ideal place for soul searching and finding yourself?  hehehe.  I examined the sand and it’s distinct texture.  It has a mix of the ash from Mt Pinatubo that gives a somewhat whitish grayish color and illuminates under the sun.

We have brought food supply as there was no mini market on the island. It was a bit uninhabited.  By night time, we lit our campfire and and did some stargazing ’til we fell asleep.

We got up early in the morning to explore the island a lil bit.  There was a trail up the hill to get to the top and get the amazing view from below.



Just below the hill, there’s a cottage where you can take a rest after a few walks from the top. We rested for awhile to catch our breaths still fascinated by the beauty of nature!


After lunch, we sadly packed our stuff and headed back to reality.  The picture below was one of the islands I got a glimpse of while going back to Pundaquit drop off.



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