Boracay – One of my most favorite summer destination

I have thought to revisit one of the most famous tourist destination here in the Philippines, Boracay Island.  I first heard of it sometime in the Nineties.  One of the stories I’ve heard that it’s one of the beautiful beaches here in the country.  I got the chance to visit this pristine beach sometime 2001, when we were invited to celebrate the town’s fiesta in Navas.  In the Philippines “fiesta” is one of our tradition to celebrate, as well as special times with friends and families and honoring our Catholic upbringing – feast of the Saints.

I had a short glimpse of the Island, we arrive late at night and early in the morning we had to go home.  I didn’t get the chance to explore the island. So I said to myself, I need to go back here.  I thought it was just going to be a dream of coming back, but the dream became reality after 9 long years.

I was glad that my besty asked me to come along with her family to Boracay back in 2009.  It was a long drive about 8 hours from my place and it’s totally worth it. I also got the liberty to rest at the back seat and enjoyed the scenery.

It was almost dusk when we arrived and I automatically got my digicam to capture the beautiful sunset at the beach.

Pic 2


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