Boracay – One of my most favorite summer destination (Part 2)

The following day we had lined up activities to get the best of our vacation.  We experienced the Banana Boat Ride, this was a first for me and I really enjoyed it! We then rented a boat to take us to Island Cove.  The best part of it was the mini-cave that also connects to the sea.

Island Hopping

Island Hopping on the way to Island Cove

Mini-Cave Spot in Island Cove

Mini-Cave Spot in Island Cove

Afterwards, the boat took us to another stop for our Snorkeling.  However, the current is a bit strong so we had to stay as close to the boat as possible.  We were able to go swimming and check out corals and the colorful fish.  We then went ahead and explored another area of Boracay, called the Pooka Beach.  That was the best part because the beach on that area is still uninhabited.

Pooka Beach

Pooka Beach

I was a bit disappointed with just a handful of shots I took on the first time I get to explore the island. I only realized when I get to post it here. Well, I knew better because when I get to visit on several occasions, I was able to capture lots of beautiful scenes.

Boracay at Night

Boracay at Night

I consider Boracay as one of the best summer destination for me.  The island is so alive during Summer with lots of local celebrities, Event Shows as well as fun-filled activities for the whole family such as – Banana Boat Ride, Helmet Diving, Island Hopping, Flying Fish Ride, ATV and the one thing I’d like to try – Para-Sailing!

I have recently read a negative experience from one of the tourist saying, they had a horrible experience from the flight going there and because of vendors trying to sell them stuff as well as the island being overcrowded.  I might say that if you want to enjoy a solemn atmosphere and the pristine Beach then Boracay is not for you!  There are still a lot of beaches to visit in the country where you can enjoy a moment of solitude.

The last picture I took before we went back to reality.

Pic 3


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