Part 3: First View of Sipalay.. Summer of 2012

And now the most exciting part.. we get to explore the beach… Here’s the first glimpse of it.. So serene. relaxing and a total paradise.. Less inhabited compared to Boracay.  It’s summer and yet only a few vacationist and not too crowded.  You will have more time to explore and be on solitude, more time to ponder, relax and just take the whole new environment away from the usual busy atmosphere. When I go places, it gives me a feeling of living under a different realm even for just a couple of days.  An escape from reality…


We then decided to rent a boat to check out the neighboring island.  Me and my friends always have the habit of taking pictures in every corner of the places we visit.. There it is.. We actually have lots of photos and I chose the decent one below.  Our Boat moved to the south and we even reached Campomanes shores.  I took a couple more photos of the shore and when we’re heading back, we asked the driver to find us a nice spot to go swimming as the blue water looks so inviting.  When the boat settled in, everyone dove into the sea, unfortunately none of us was able to bring a snorkel, or even goggles so we can go underwater and watch the fish and the corals. Too Bad!





It was almost 5 PM when we headed back to the shore.  We freshen up a bit in our room and we immediately went back to the beach to catch the magnificent view of the sunset..


The water was still tranquil and showed a great reflection of the cerulean blue skies.. Another breath-taking view..  This is why I love the beach. an escape to paradise..

DSC07383 DSC07384 DSC07385


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