Bantayan Memories 2007

Hmmm.. Whenever I look at a picture of white sand beach or even just a regular beach, there’s only one person that comes to mind.. “Papa”, he’s also a beach bum.  I remember when I was a kid we frequently visit the beach.  To smell the fresh air and watch the waves.  It makes me feel calm, serene and  somewhat melancholic. We had an out of town trip Summer of 2007.  We explored Bantayan Island in Cebu.  It’s quite a long trip from home.  I remember we rode the “lantsa” or the ferry boat.  I don’t know why my Auntie used the term but “lantsa” for me literally is some sort of a bamboo fig, tied together to form a floater.  Anyways, we stayed at Sta Fe Resort quite secluded from the sugar beach.  The view is still fantastic.  We had a room overlooking the shore. I regret, I wasn’t able to take lots of photos because I didn’t have a digital camera back then.

The following day, we took a tour and visited one of the great resorts there – Ogtong Cave.  The picture below was actually taken there and I was with my Dad, we posed at the bottom part of the cave.  collage-2014-11-04 (1)


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